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Past Commanders of the Rescue Squad

The Hoke County Rescue Squad was started on February 16,1962. The Rescue Squad was initiated as a project of the Raeford Moose Lodge. The Hoke County Rescue Squad, Incorporated became an independent non-profit organization in 1965.

In 1968, the Rescue Squad obtained designation as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation from the Internal Revenue Service. The base of operations was moved to its present location on Adams Street from its former base on E. Seventh Ave. in Raeford in 1971.

Other Milestones:

In 1973, the Squad purchased the first "Jaws of Life" Hurst tool. Hoke County was one of the first counties in the state to purchase this equipment.

In 1975, The Squad began and completed its first emergency medical technician course certifying members for basic life support as "EMT-Basic". This program still continues today.

In 1981, The Squad's building was expanded and a second Hurst tool (Jaws of Life) was purchased.

In 1982, Water Rescue (primarily Dive Rescue) was added using boats and dive equipment. Today that has been expanded to include water rescue of rivers and streams.

In 1991, a second Heavy Rescue Vehicle was added to meet the needs of a growing county.

In late 1992, a substation was added to the western side of the county. Rescue 2 is based out of the Pinehill Vol. Fire Dept. and answers calls west of Calloway Road to the Hoke/Moore County line.

In 1994, various specialty areas were added to the capabilities of the Squad. They include: High Level Rescue, which can be used to retrieve a paratrooper from trees; Trench Rescue, which is used to free victims trapped in a construction trench; Mantracking, which is used to search for lost victims; Confined Space Rescue, which rescues victims from areas that due to the area and possible toxins involved is considered dangerous and OSHA requires that access to the space be restricted.

The Hoke County Rescue Squad, Incorporated, receives funding from the following sources: County of Hoke, City of Raeford and the United Fund of Hoke County.  We also receive contributions from the businesses and citizens of Raeford/Hoke County

In 2006 a Freightliner Van was purchased to carry specialty rescue items such as the water rescue equipment, high level gear and also has a light tower.  A new Suburban was purchased also.

In 2010, the Squad received $70,000 from the County, $8,500.00 from the City, and $4000.00 from the Hoke County United Fund.

In 2015 a Hurst eDRAULIC combitool was added to Rescue 2 to serve the western area of the County.

In 2016, Rescue 2 was remounted on a Ford F-350 Dual Cab Chassis to serve the western area of the County.  It was fitted with a Command Light Tower Light for scene operations.

In 2017, Rescue 3, our second heavy rescue vehicle, was remounted on a Freightliner chassis.

In 2018, a Lucas CPR Device was added to Rescue 2 and we replaced our airbag sets on Rescue 1 and Rescue 2 with Vetter Airbags.

In 2020, the Rescue Squad added a Mahindra UTV with a patient sked for retrieving patients in austere environments, searches, special event coverage, and other situations for which this type of vehicle is better suited.  This vehicle, the trailer to haul it with and a 20' x 40' building was purchsed on the NC Department of Insurance Rescue Grant.

In 2021 and 2022, the compliment of Hurst 5000 psi hydraulic extrication tools was replaced with the Hurst 10,000 psi series tools.  These tools are up to 3 times more powerful than the 5000 psi series, are lighter, and operated at a quicker speed.

Types of Calls commonly answered by the Squad are Vehicle Accidents, First Responder when there are no available ambulances, Assist EMS calls when CFVMC-Hoke EMS needs extra people on a particular call, Assist Fire Depts with structure fires, and stand by for High School football games. The Rescue Squad also provides lighting for local law enforcement at crime scenes.

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